Application of IoT in Our Lives

The application of this technology can provide many benefits and convenience in all aspects of human life. This includes increasing efficiency, optimizing resource use, and creating a smarter and more connected environment.

Currently, the application of IoT technology in human life covers various sectors, from life at home to life in the work environment. As a reference, here are ten examples of IoT applications.

[1]. Smart Office

Smart office is the application of IoT technology in an office environment to increase efficiency, productivity and comfort of employees. One example is an automatic lighting system with special sensors.

When there is no room, the lights will turn off automatically. On the other hand, when someone enters, the lights will turn on. Apart from that, there are many more examples of applying the internet of things concept within the scope of smart offices.

[2]. Smart Office

Smart Home This application that is most often found in everyday life is through the concept of a smart home. Like the Smart Office, this concept utilizes various devices and systems connected to the internet.

For example, smart lighting that is integrated, security systems equipped with surveillance cameras and motion sensors, to smart appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and washing machines that can be controlled remotely.

[4]. Electronic Devices

Currently, almost all the latest electronic devices support the application of IoT technology. As long as these devices can connect to the internet, they can interact and provide better services to their users.

Some examples include smart TVs, smart speakers equipped with virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, or the device most widely used by humans, namely smartphones.

[5]. Smart Car

Smart cars are an example of the application of IoT technology in the automotive industry. By connecting cars to the internet and utilizing various sensors, car units can now be equipped with various advanced features.

Examples of its application include real-time navigation features, infotainment systems to access music, radio or applications, to safety sensors such as the steering system and automatic parking system.

[6]. Smart Cities

Smart city is a city development concept that utilizes IoT technology to improve the quality of life of its citizens and optimize resource use.

One example of the application of IoT within the scope of a smart city is an intelligent transportation system. These include automatic traffic management, smart parking systems, and access to connected public transportation systems in real time.

[7]. Robot Waiters

In several developed countries, the use of robot waiters is now becoming common practice. A robot waiter is a robotic device designed to serve customers in restaurants, cafes or other eating places.

So, these robots are equipped with navigation sensors that allow them to move independently. Apart from that, there is also a touch screen or speaker to help the robot interact and serve customers.

[8]. Smart Farming

Smart farming system or smart farming that can optimize production and management. One example is the use of various sensors on agricultural land.

The sensor is connected to the internet network and can be used to monitor soil moisture, temperature and nutrient levels automatically. Apart from that, another example of application is through drone technology for watering and fertilizing.

[9]. Healthcare Monitoring

IoT has also played an important role in improving healthcare services by enabling real-time health monitoring. One way is through the use of wearable devices.

Devices such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other health sensors can be used to collect user health data. Such as heart rate, physical activity level, sleep quality, and others.

[10]. e-Ticket System

The electronic ticketing system has begun to be implemented in several countries. In this system, there is a special surveillance camera that is connected to the internet network.

The camera has been integrated with technology to identify and record vehicle plate numbers that violate traffic rules. If a violation occurs, the system will send reports and notifications automatically.

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