Environment & Climate Change


The term Community Based Food Estate Program suggests a program that focuses on developing and sustaining food production within a specific community. Many initiatives worldwide aim to promote sustainable agriculture, local food production, and community resilience. These programs often involve the collaboration of local communities, farmers, and government or non-governmental …

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The Pain System and Somatosensation

Pain perception is closely tied to the somatosensory system, as pain is one of the sensory modalities processed by this system. Pain serves as a warning signal to protect the body from potential harm, and it involves a complex interplay of sensory, emotional, and cognitive processes. Here’s an overview of …

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Somatosensory System

The somatosensory system is a complex network of sensory neurons and pathways responsible for processing and transmitting information about the body’s internal and external environment to the central nervous system (CNS). This system plays a crucial role in enabling an organism to perceive and respond to various stimuli, such as …

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