Development and Influence of Artificial Intelligence For Indonesian People

Artificial Intelligence, is computer science that focuses on machines and systems that are created from human intelligence so that it becomes an innovation in the development of the world of technology that can work and think like human language. John McCarthy became a pioneer in the field of AI and is a figure in Artificial Intelligence. Not only is he credited as the founder of AI, John McCharty is also the person who coined the term Artificial Intelligence.

AI capabilities come from a combination of algorithmic systems and techniques such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing to create programs that can make decisions, understand language, and do work without human help.

How is the development of Artificial Intelligence in Indonesia?

In Indonesia itself, many companies are starting to utilize AI to support their business activities. This is of course due to the increasingly available and affordable supporting aspects needed to include AI in activities. It is no longer only available to developed countries or large companies. Public opinion regarding the increasingly rapid development of AI in the world varies depending on their knowledge about AI. Some people consider AI to be a technology that is very useful in solving problems, as well as something that is very innovative and sophisticated. Additionally they believe that AI can provide many benefits to users in the future.

However, quite a few people think that AI is one of the negative impacts of technological development. They worry that AI could take over human jobs, exacerbate social inequality, and could threaten the security of personal data. In addition, people are worried that AI will be used for immoral purposes or even harm humans.

Overall opinions regarding the development of AI are very varied and complex, and there are many things that must be considered in developing and using AI technology responsibly.

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