Implementation of Character Education, Discipline and Responsibility for Elementary School Students

Character is a natural attitude that exists in a person
differentiate from other people. Character is quality, mental strength, morals,
individual morals or manners which constitute a special personality, which becomes
pushers and movers, and differentiates them from other individuals.

The character of discipline and responsibility is instilled and accustomed to from an early age
to students, because the character of discipline and responsibility is one of them
Character values ​​play an important role in the development of social attitudes
student. The character of discipline and responsibility in students will be seen through
deeds and actions carried out in their daily routine at school.
The application of the character values ​​of discipline and responsibility can be done internally
various routines in the student environment. One of them is in the school environment.
The school environment greatly influences the formation of students’ character, both
activities related to learning and activities outside class hours.

School culture which includes class culture, class culture is culture
regarding the implementation of discipline and responsibility character education
can be seen from the activities that are usually carried out in the classroom and have become
students’ habits of doing this.

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