iPhone 15 Pro Review: Pros and Cons

At first glance, the design of the iPhone 15 Pro is still similar to its predecessor. On the back, Apple still uses a three-camera system with a rather large lens frame design. The front material still uses Ceramic Shield, while the back uses matte textured glass.

The significant difference is that the frame uses titanium material, not stainless steel like the iPhone 14 Pro. The titanium design makes this smartphone lighter than its predecessor.

This series weighs 187 grams, while the iPhone 14 Pro still weighs 206 grams. This lighter weight certainly makes the cellphone more comfortable when held in one hand.

Apple itself has made slight changes to the corners of the cellphones in this series, which have made them smoother and not as stiff as the boxy bodies in the previous series. The bezel around the screen has also been made thinner.

The iPhone 15 Pro also uses a USB-C connector type, no longer the usual Lightning connector. Even though it’s nothing special, the presence of a USB-C connector type can make it easier for you when you want to use or share a charging cable with Android cellphone users.

Regarding other features, this cellphone is equipped with an Action Button or action button on the top left of the side. The action button replaces the Mute Switch button on the older iPhone series. You can also customize this action button, for example to mute notifications, do voice memos and shortcuts to several applications such as flashlight, camera, voice recorder.

Advantages of the iPhone 15 Pro

USB-C too!
Improved performance with the Apple A17 Pro and more RAM
Many features are improved in iOS 17
Fresh interface with “Dynamic Island”
Additional Action Button which is nice to have
Pro level camera, one of the best in the world
Thinner screen bezel, stronger and lighter titanium body
Excellent connectivity, has a 2nd generation UWB chip

Disadvantages of iPhone 15 Pro

Battery capacity does not increase
The USB cable provided only supports USB 2.0

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