Paris Saint Germain legend: Lionel Messi is not worthy of taking part in the Paris Olympics

Paris Saint Germain (PSG) legend, Jerome Rothen, said Lionel Messi did not deserve to be in the Argentina U-23 national team squad ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics. According to him, Messi left too many bad impressions while in Paris while wearing the Paris Saint Germain uniform.

Rothen will never forget what a bad impression Messi left on Paris and France. Messi celebrating excessively when he won the 2022 World Cup after beating France, is an example of inappropriate behavior shown by Messi towards France. At the 2022 World Cup, La Pulga will still strengthen PSG.
“We must not forget what bad behavior he (Lionel Messi) has left for France. Seeing him celebrate excessively with Argentina after beating France, it was the most dishonorable behavior shown by a football player. We (French fans) are still annoyed with him for the past two years,” said Rothen, quoted by goal international

Rothen also dismissed the gossip that said Lionel Messi was treated disrespectfully during his stay in Paris while defending PSG. According to him, this was just a boast made by the player with seven Ballon D’or trophies.

“Messi said that living in Paris was a disaster for him. It doesn’t make sense, all French and Parisians respect him, but he (Lionel Messi) will never admit it,” he concluded.
In the 2024 Paris Olympics rules, each team in a sport is allowed to name three seniors over the age of 23 years. Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria are two of the senior players projected to appear with the Argentina U-23 national team under the guidance of Javier Mascherano in the championship.
During his two seasons with Les Parisiens, Messi has made 58 appearances with 22 goals in all competitions for the giant French club.

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