Humane mathematics learning is related to efforts to reconstruct the school mathematics curriculum, so that mathematics can be studied and experienced as part of human life. The relationship between mathematics and the real world or other subjects needs to be explained concretely.

Based on the views above, several general characteristics of humanistic mathematics learning can be outlined, as mentioned by Haglund (n.d.), namely :

  • Placing students as inquirers, not just recipients of facts and procedures.
  • Give students the opportunity to help each other in understanding problems and their solutions more deeply.
  • Learn various ways to solve problems, not only using an algebraic approach.
  • Shows the historical background that mathematics is a discovery or endeavor (endeavor) of a human being.
  • Using interesting problems and open-ended questions, not just exercises.
  • Using various assessment techniques does not only assess students based on their ability to remember procedures alone.
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the great mathematical ideas that shape history and culture;
  • Help students see mathematics as the study of patterns, including aspects of beauty and creativity;
  • Helping students develop attitudes of self-confidence, independence, and curiosity (curiosity);
  • Teaches materials that can be used in everyday life, such as in science, business, economics, or engineering.


nistics can actually be compared equally but cannot be equated. Humanistic mathematics learning includes humanistic mathematics content and humanistic education/teaching. How is the content of mathematics humanistic? Of course, realistic content that can be sensed or thought about realistically or as optimally as possible is related to the context of everyday life. Why is it done like that? So that students are motivated and like mathematics as the basis of humanistic education.

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