The Influence of Technology on Early Childhood

Technological developments have a huge influence on children’s development, especially early childhood. It is not uncommon for young children to be able to use technology and many parents are worried about the influence of technology on young children.

Technology is tools created by humans to help and make human work easier in doing several things. With technology, all human activities will be helped and made easier.

With increasingly advanced technological developments marked by the circulation of electronic goods that can help humans, it is also very important to use technology to access up-to-date (latest) information from within the country to the world. There are positive impacts of technology on children, including:

  1. Helping Children’s Knowledge of Technology
  2. As a means of entertainment and learning media for children
  3. Makes it easier for parents to communicate with children
  4. Expand your child’s friendship network so that he or she has lots of friends to communicate with and exchange information with.

Meanwhile, there can be negatives, including:

  1. Children can forget to study because they play a lot with gadgets
  2. Many applications and shows are less educational
  3. There is a lot of information that is easily accessed by anyone, including children, which should not be suitable for children to see, including on internet sites.
  4. Having games on gadgets can cause children to divert their attention when studying in class and when the teacher explains lessons, besides that children can get bad pictures or videos through gadgets.
  5. Radiation emitted by gadgets and computers/laptops can disrupt children’s health and development

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