The Relationship between Science and Technology

Science and technology, especially in this modern era, are experiencing many changes and very quickly. Science and technology are important factors in the formation of society and culture. However, there are actually differences between the two in their intended use. In the past, technology played a role in controlling the physical world, while science was mainly used to understand events in the physical world.

Science is a means or definition of the universe that is translated into language that humans can understand as an effort to know and remember something. In other words, we can know the definition of the meaning of knowledge, namely something that can be obtained from the activity of reading and understanding objects and things. events, when we were small we learned to read the letters of the alphabet, then continued to study words and as we got older, consciously or unconsciously, we actually continued to learn to read, it’s just that what we read has developed not only in the form of written language but reading the entire universe as an effort. in finding the truth. With knowledge, life becomes easier, because knowledge is also a tool for living life

The success of a technology depends on humans’ ability to select conditions that encourage nature to act as it wishes. Technology can only be successful if the process is in accordance with natural laws; that is, if it is designed with the relevant science in mind.

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