Which is the best conference in men’s college basketball?

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Determining the best conference in men’s college basketball can be subjective and may vary from season to season based on team performance As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the major conferences in NCAA Division I men’s basketball are often considered the Power Five conferences:

  1. Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC): Known for traditional basketball powerhouses like Duke and North Carolina, the ACC is historically one of the strongest conferences.
  2. Big Ten Conference: Featuring schools like Michigan State, Michigan, and Ohio State, the Big Ten is consistently competitive and has a strong basketball tradition.
  3. Big 12 Conference: Teams like Kansas, Texas, and Baylor make the Big 12 a competitive conference, and it has produced strong tournament performances.
  4. Pac-12 Conference: While historically known for its strength in football, the Pac-12 has competitive basketball programs, including UCLA and Arizona.
  5. Southeastern Conference (SEC): The SEC has seen increased competitiveness in basketball, with schools like Kentucky and Florida traditionally strong.

The assessment of the “best” conference can depend on various factors, including the overall strength and depth of teams, their performance in non-conference play, and success in the NCAA Tournament. Analysts and fans may have different opinions based on regional biases and recent team successes. It’s advisable to check the current season’s standings, team rankings, and tournament performances for the most accurate assessment.

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